Holiday Stress Relief Bundle

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Bundle and Save For The Holidays!

  • 1x Calming Pellets ( 10 lb Bucket,  Reg $79.95) – Help nervous, excitable horses relax and improve their ability to concentrate on work and training.
  • 2x Calming Pastes (30cc Syringes, Reg $26.90) – Helps nervous and excitable horses relax and concentrate during stress, travel, heavy exercise and competition when feeding pellets isn’t practical.

*Display bucket not included in the bundle.

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1x Calming Pellets (10 lb Bucket)  –   COMPLETE support for the three processes that lead to a balanced central nervous system: serotonin, nutrition, and relaxation. Formula 707 Calming uses premium quality magnesium oxide to maximize bioavailability and combines it with two of the agents best known to have a calming effect in horses, thiamine, and L-tryptophan.
2x Calming Pastes (30cc Syringe)  –   Calming Paste contains L-tryptophan, which can be very beneficial to horses demonstrating anxiety before or during transportation, competition or other stressful situations. Because Formula 707 equine pastes are administered directly on the back of the tongue, they are absorbed into the system – and therefore go to work – much more quickly than if the same ingredients were given with feed. Plus, they’re just the right size to stick in the tack box or glove compartment – ready when you are.