Digestive Health Paste


An immediate dose of micro-encapsulated probiotics to help restore hind gut health after antibiotics, injury, or extreme stress.

  • Paste is easily absorbed and fast-acting.
  • Just the right size to keep in the tack box or glove compartment.
  • Contains two servings per tube.
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Formula 707 Digestive Paste provides COMPLETE digestive support to combat stress, antibiotics, illness and injuries that can compromise healthy gut bacteria.  Microencapsulated probiotics help re-flourish bacteria to ensure healthy digestion. Formula 707 Digestive Paste is superior to other equine probiotics because it has a larger colony count per serving, microencapsulated bacteria for easier absorption, viable yeast cells and supplemental enzymes. Digestive Health has proven beneficial during transitional periods such as: a change in feed or housing; before, during and after transportation; and during gestation and weaning. Because Formula 707 equine pastes are administered directly on the back of the tongue, they are absorbed into the system – and therefore go to work – much more quickly than if the same ingredients were given with feed. Plus, they’re just the right size to stick in the tack box or glove compartment – ready when you are.