Digestive Health + Daily Essentials Combo Fresh Packs®


Formula 707® LifeCare® Digestive Health + Daily Essentials is now available in Daily Fresh Packs!

  • The perfect combination to support a healthy gut, maximize nutrition absorption and help your horse utilize his feed more efficiently.
  • Includes micro-encapsulated pre- and probiotics to help re-flourish bacteria and ensure healthy digestion, and 12 vitamins and 11 minerals to support complete wellness.
  • Accurate, pre-measured packs are convenient and easy to use.
  • Combo Fresh Packs® are sealed to keep out oxygen, moisture and sunlight, and are convenient for traveling, events and daily use in your feeding regimen.


Digestive Health + Daily Essentials Combo Fresh Packs include microencapsulated pre- and probiotics, viable yeast cells, enzymes, 12 vitamins and 11 minerals. Formula 707 Digestive Health provides COMPLETE digestive support to combat stress, antibiotics, illness and injuries that can compromise healthy gut bacteria, and Daily Essentials is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula designed to support overall health and condition. Our Combo Fresh Packs are accurate, convenient, affordable and palatable.