The Elements of Endurance Riding

The Elements of Endurance Riding

Endurance riding is the true test of fitness, conditioning and physical durability for both horse and rider. The term endurance riding brings to mind images of Hidalgo and long, grueling rides.  A true endurance ride is 50, 75 or 100 miles, but there are also limited distance (LD) rides and “fun” rides offered at endurance competitions. A limited distance ride is usually 25 miles with a maximum of 6 hours to complete the ride. Fun rides are generally around 10 …

vital importance of horse vital signs

The Vital Importance of Vital Signs: The 5 Point Check

Most horse owners have heard these words: “Hay, water, and salt are the mainstay of horse nutrition.” These three inputs to a horse’s body are directly linked to the overall health of a horse. As a competitive distance rider, I am familiar with the importance of checking your horse’s vital signs at each vet check stopping point. In Competitive Trail Riding, there are vet checks before the ride, several during the riding day and final checks in the evening to …

Equine Nutrition

What You Need to Know about Equine Nutrition

Novice horse owners may try to find all the information they need about caring for horses and maintaining proper nutrition for them. But even for people who have owned horses for several years, equine nutrition is a complicated subject. There’s a lot involved in it, which this article will discuss. Read on to learn more about how to maintain proper nutrition for your horses.