horse skin protection

5 Things You Need to Know about Horse Skin Protection

As a horse owner, one of the responsibilities you have to fulfill is to ensure healthy equine skin. In most cases, your horse’s skin doesn’t require any special attention. However, it’s crucial to avoid taking healthy skin for granted. Changing temperatures and health conditions could make your horse prone to skin problems. And these problems are often extremely challenging to resolve. So you need to proactively engage in horse skin protection to ensure healthy skin for your horse.

Horse Joint Health

4 Things You Need to Know about Horse Joint Health

There are different kinds of horse owners, all with varying opinions. You may disagree about what kind of riding equipment to use, how to care for your horses, or even what to feed your horses. But the one thing that every horse owner would agree on is that horse joint health is vital when caring for a horse. We are all painfully aware that musculoskeletal injuries such as joint problems could render our horses lame, limiting their athletic longevity.

Equine Nutrition

What You Need to Know about Equine Nutrition

Novice horse owners may try to find all the information they need about caring for horses and maintaining proper nutrition for them. But even for people who have owned horses for several years, equine nutrition is a complicated subject. There’s a lot involved in it, which this article will discuss. Read on to learn more about how to maintain proper nutrition for your horses.

Horse in Winter

5 Things You Need to Know When Hauling Your Horse in Winter

With the temperatures dropping, and the prospect of bad weather, winter brings several challenges for horse owners who wish to travel with their horses. Icy conditions and harsh winds may make it more difficult to haul horses safely. This post will help you discover some of the precautions you need to take, and how you can safely transport your horse even during the coldest winter months.