Lameness in Horses: Causes, Detection, and Treatments (

Lameness in Horses: Causes, Detection, and Treatments

There is no one specific underlying reason for lameness to occur in a horse. It occurs in all breeds, sizes, confirmations, and disciplines of horses. Reasons for lameness can be anything from pain in the horse or the conditions the horse lives in. The Merck Veterinary Manual defines lameness as “An abnormal stance or gait caused by either a structural or a functional disorder of the locomotor system”. It manifests with symptoms like inflammation, swelling or pain, and defects like …

6 Ways to Safeguard Your Horse from Laminitis

Laminitis in horses can be a very serious disease that affects the hooves of a horse and can cause lameness in all breeds of horses. Laminitis occurs when there is a cut off of blood flow to the laminae in hooves. Inflammation contributes to the weakening of these laminae and can separate the laminae where it attaches to the coffin bone over time. This disease affects the integrity of the horse’s hooves and results in pain and damage. Laminitis in …

Horse Grooming

A Basic Guide to Grooming Your Horse

A horse with a slick, glossy coat can turn heads. A slick coat is what makes a horse look happy and healthy. That’s why it’s helpful for you to master some horse grooming tricks even if you never plan to show your horse. This post will provide you with a few basic grooming tips to ensure that your horse’s coat shines and turns heads. Step One: Ensure Proper Nutrition Before you even begin to start with your horse groom tactics, …

How to Notice Whether Your Horse Needs Hock Injections

How to Notice Whether Your Horse Needs Hock Injections

It goes without saying that every horse owner wants their horse to be as healthy as possible. So when you notice that your horse hasn’t been performing well, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether there are any health issues behind it. One of the biggest health issues that can cause a decline in performance is an injury or inflammation of the hock joints. If the inflammation is severe enough, hock injections are often a necessity, and …

Health Problems in Horses

7 Common Health Problems in Senior Horses

Older horses are prone to developing horse health problems, just like older people. Although many of these problems are unavoidable, they are still treatable. The important thing is to detect these issues early on, before they become too severe. If you own an older horse, it’s important to be aware of the health problems in horses. Here are some of them: 1. Dental Issues As they age, horses tend to develop issues with their dental health. Years of uneven grinding …

Foal nutrition

5 Foal Nutrition Tips to Keep Your Foal Healthy

Every horse owner dreams of having a healthy horse. And for this, it’s crucial to ensure that your horses get proper nutrition from the time they are foals. If your new foal is healthy, it will start gaining weight and strength rapidly and eventually grow into a healthy horse. Foal nutrition is one of the most vital elements that determine the growth and health of a horse.

How to Prepare Your Mare for Breeding

How to Prepare Your Mare for Breeding

If you’ve always dreamed of breeding horses, it’s only natural that you’d want to jump right into it when you have the opportunity. Raising a foal and starting it can be intensely rewarding, and it can be a way to continue an especially close relationship with a mare past her natural lifespan. But there’s a lot of commitment and effort involved in breeding and you will have to make a lot of preparations before you can begin.