Are You Supplementing for Summer Sweating?

What Happens When a Horse Sweats This time of year all over the country temperatures are high, and horses are sweating under the extreme conditions. When a horse sweats excessively,  especially during exercise, a special protein called latherin causes lathering. This protein facilitates the flow of liquid to effect evaporation of sweat for a horse. This sweat is a fluid comprised of water and salt. The “salts” are often referred to as electrolytes and include sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. …

Lameness in Horses: Causes, Detection, and Treatments (

Lameness in Horses: Causes, Detection, and Treatments

There is no one specific underlying reason for lameness to occur in a horse. It occurs in all breeds, sizes, confirmations, and disciplines of horses. Reasons for lameness can be anything from pain in the horse or the conditions the horse lives in. The Merck Veterinary Manual defines lameness as “An abnormal stance or gait caused by either a structural or a functional disorder of the locomotor system”. It manifests with symptoms like inflammation, swelling or pain, and defects like …

6 Ways to Safeguard Your Horse from Laminitis

Laminitis in horses can be a very serious disease that affects the hooves of a horse and can cause lameness in all breeds of horses. Laminitis occurs when there is a cut off of blood flow to the laminae in hooves. Inflammation contributes to the weakening of these laminae and can separate the laminae where it attaches to the coffin bone over time. This disease affects the integrity of the horse’s hooves and results in pain and damage. Laminitis in …

Equine Nutrition

What You Need to Know about Equine Nutrition

Novice horse owners may try to find all the information they need about caring for horses and maintaining proper nutrition for them. But even for people who have owned horses for several years, equine nutrition is a complicated subject. There’s a lot involved in it, which this article will discuss. Read on to learn more about how to maintain proper nutrition for your horses.

You Forgot What?

I recently went on a two-day get away into south central New Mexico. My friend Barb asked me to help her transport a mustang to the Ruidoso area. She said that the scenery would be very pretty in that region. I had never been there so I jumped at the chance to get out of the geographically locked-in area of southwest Colorado.

Rain Day Horse Activities

July 1st was going to be our high country riding season kick off ride. My daughter and I planned a ride at Cave Basin, a high elevation trail near Vallecito Reservoir in southwest Colorado.

Are You and Your Horse a Match?

The word match has different connotations depending on how it is used. Which definition fits you and your horse? When you and your horse spend time together, are you in harmony or do you burst into flames? I have several horses, all with different personalities. Because of this I can ride my high-powered machine horse or my super laid back horse. I can choose which one suits my mood and my mission.  Many people are well matched with their horses …

Coming Home To the Cabin

Horses remember experiences from long ago and as we headed out on highway 550 north of Durango CO, I was thinking how fast 11 years passes by. It had been 11 years since my horses had spent a summer at my family cabin outside of Glenwood Springs. The first time Wylie lived at the cabin was in 1996 when I moved from Minnesota to Colorado. He also spent the summer of 2005 there recuperating from lameness. Now 20 years later …